‘Inspire Me!’ Post 1.


‘What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?’

I feel that having even one constant in life is important. One thing which was never the same in my life was my relationships. Well that’s not entirely true. They were the same. That was the problem. Every single one of my relationships were boring and uneventful.

When I came to university, I spent my first year in halls of residence. The apartment I lived in contained five of us all together. Apologies for the cliché, but I actually did fall in love within the first night of meeting one of my housemates. Problem was, I was already in a relationship, but like all of my previous encounters with the opposite sex, it had become stale, boring and ultimately, the relationship had died.

I was then faced with the decision, did I stick with the relationship I was already in, and try desperately cling to the slowly fading embers? Or did I plunge headfirst into a situation that was entirely new to me? Of course I took a deep breath and dived!

Taking that risk was the best thing that ever happened to me! My partner and I are very happy together, not so happy with where we are living, but that all changes soon! That, however, is another story entirely.

I suppose the moral behind my story is, don’t always stick with the situations you know and despise. Do not allow yourself to fall into a routine. Take chances sometimes. Plan your life! Don’t let life plan you.

Live life to the max.


Valentine’s Day.


Friday 14th February, 2014.

What better day to begin my blogging life than the day of love. But what makes Valentine’s Day so special to us?

The history of Valentine’s Day is interesting; on the surface, most people understand that there was this guy… Saint Valentine. Right okay, common knowledge. But according to some (e.g. Henry Ansgar Kelly) Valentine was imprisoned because he was marrying soldiers that were banned from marriage. Before he was executed he apparently sent the first Valentine’s card addressed to the jailers’ daughter, signing it “your Valentine” (Do you see where the phrase came from?). Of course this is only one apparent version of events, according to historians there were multiple Saint Valentine’s, so who knows when it truly started.

But anyway, down to business. Valentine’s Day has become (as with other holidays) less about the people we love, and more about gift giving. Don’t get me wrong, I love valentine’s Day as much as the next person. But, the amount of people you get complaining about being single on Valentine’s Day, and claiming to hate it! I bet you any amount of money that they would love the day if they were in a relationship. Who is to say that the origin of this day wasn’t just to celebrate all love in general? Why can’t we celebrate other people’s love too? Why have people turned it into a selfish day?

My partner and I (being students) have very little money, so we haven’t bought presents, or a card for one another. We are spending the day together and having a meal (home cooked I might add). This way, we save money, and we celebrate love. Yes our own love, bit selfish. But I have seen love everywhere today. True and beautiful. A guy preening a bouquet of flowers and a single red rose whilst waiting for his Valentine to answer the door, and so many couples looking entirely loved up! I think love is amazing. And just having a little appreciation for it, well it can go a long way. Whether you are single or not, you should try it sometime.

Keep on Loving!