Time Machine


Time Machine

Taking her first step into the strange new (yet old) place, well, she was dumbfounded. What could be said about this place? It was amazing how a century away from somewhere could change everything.The United Kingdom, in the year 2114. Was it still called the United Kingdom? How much exactly had changed?

The floor gleamed a pearlescent white, it was so clean, it looked as though a single person had never strolled across it’s surface, the commuters had never ran to catch their trains. The walls of the surrounding buildings were all made of glass, well it looked like glass, but everything had changed so much, could she be sure? They towered above her, twice the height of the usual skyscraper, how did they build them so tall, and still structurally sound? 

So many questions rushing through her head, but the one that stood out, the one that she hadn’t realised until the thought came to her mind, the one that worried her most. Where were all the people?