Have you ever been stuck in that situation where you don’t know what you want to do with your life? 

I am. Right now! 

I think I want to start working with sharks, well my degree would allow for that, but I don’t honestly know! 

I still hold all of those childish hopes that one day I might be famous and have made a name for myself doing something that I love. My problem is, I love doing so many things! 

I love to draw, and I’m not bad if I do say so myself, I love to write, which is why I am on here right now, I love acting, and dancing, and being creative in every sense of the word. I am a pretty good cook and I wouldn’t mind taking that further! Not to mention, I would love to start a vlog or get a few readers for my blog! 

I don’t quite know where I am going with this post. Maybe you could post about your situation if you are in a similar one! I am sure it is the same for most students. Between essays, practicals and exams, where do we get the time to have a hobby? Which, for me, means I want to make my hobbies my life! But who can do them all?!