Coffee books

Do you ever feel like you have left all of your deadlines to the last-minute?

Obviously with the upcoming summer holidays, a lot of us students just haven’t had the time to be doing coursework after coursework.

Some people think that being a student is easy! I wouldn’t give up my place for he world, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a chore sometimes! Especially when you don’t live at home with your parents. At least then you don’t have to worry about actual chores. Whereas, those of us who moved away from home, and don’t have a job, well we are officially out of money, out of food, have a massive stack of dirty laundry they you have to go digging through every day just to make sure you have something fit to wear!

But when you throw deadlines into the work, it’s as though none of that matters anymore! Because you won’t even get the chance to catch up on any of those until all that work is done!

And then there are the deadlines you don’t find out about until the day they are due! Well that’s me anyway. Still manage to get them done though! How you ask?

Beats me!

Just solid work for hours on end!

Well this blog is definitely a bit of a procrastination technique of mine, because I have some work due, and some exams to revise for. But I am just so dedicated to my readers! That and I really do not want to do this work!

But come on guys, tell us a few of your near deadline misses? Or what are some of your favourite procrastination techniques?



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